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Fukushima Organic Farms Foster Hope

Effective New World Orderlies, or how EMs will do the job for Co-operation and Co-prosperity by Joska Ramelow A little underground Fairytale that is too good not to be told. One day Prof. Teruo Higa Professor Teruo Higa, a very meticulous and creative man started his claim to fame with a sense of defeat. Beavering away in his Agricultural department at Riyukus University of Okinawa, Japan, he had his academic radar turned to enhancements and acceleration of plant growth under optimal conditions. He knew, that the little rootlets on plants were the key to unlocking this mystery. In other words, he investigated the symbiotic relationships between soil micro-organisms and an optimized uptake of nutrients from the soil by the plants. This same relationship is at work inside our guts with its populations of symbiotic bacteria, also known as probiotics, doing the same job. One day in the mid 1980's, Professor Higa, who kept his nose stubbornly on the tracks met with his eureka moment whilst he accidentally spilled some of his micro-organisms, now known as Effective Micro-organisms (EMs for short) by some shrubbery on his campus trial fields. You know he just like breitling replica very much. To his own surprise the combination of several organisms in his cocktail created a booster shot to the shrubs that made an almost immediate impact and this became the birth moment of Effective Micro-organisms, EMs. The synergistic effects within the cocktail provided the magic key to unlock a mystery that has gone form strength to strength ever since. read on: http://vortexcourage.me/2014/07/18/fukushima-organic-farms-foster-hope/

Edited: Thu 31st August 2017


Spokey the Alien: Is this Food?

July 1, 2014 by Editor, Joska Ramelow. 

After the Goldrush: The Harvest of the Fruits of Scarcity, Part One Spokey the Alien on a fact-finding mission... Having thrown my hat in the ring with an article on the safety of modern medicinals, a logical consequence is to look now at the first line of well being, namely, our everyday foods. The Chinese doctor Li Kao called it the first , and that is echoed around many systems of medical philosophy. Food is, apart from its material side, a matter of quality energy and thus, a matter of sanctity and a human right too. If we recall, the Alma Ata declaration of health by the WHO of the UN did go far beyond a narrow definition of health as the mere absence of disease. It defined health as the outcome of good nutrition and well being, or levels of happiness, of a person. Love goes through the stomach is a well-worn phrase in the German-speaking parts of the world. Suppose an alien visitor, let's call him Spokey, touched down from another star system and visited a normal supermarket today with shelves filled to overflowing with garish, colourfully- designed wrapping around most of the foodstuffs, he could be forgiven for thinking that this cornucopia must be paradise for the happy eater on this planet earth. read on

Edited: Thu 13th October 2016


Brain-attacks , Part One

Annotated and expanded notes by Dr.Doepp, a Swiss Medical doctor and specialist for radiation pollution, e-smog and hazards of technical electromagnetic fields on safety questions in our digital age.
Presentation and interview on Swiss 5, 'Time to do program', 19.9.2014

By Joska Ramelow

The brain and CNS works with a capacity of 10%, contemporary science postulates that the "yield of the harvest of intelligent thought" could be raised by unleashing more of the power of our brains. This remains a very one sided consideration when we do not factor in the emerging field of Epigenetics, as Dr. Doepp makes it clear form the outset. The cells of our body show the same working capacity whereby we only utilise 10% of our DNA too. The remainder has been dismissively called "junk" DNA, a denomination that might be far too short a description representing our limited understanding to date. Dr. Doepp maintains that the supposedly "unused" 90% of DNA in body and brain communicates with the 96% of space surrounding our body that is present in the form of a resonance field. This field naturally resonates at various cycles such as the known Schuhman resonances that pulse at an average of 7.5-7.8 Hertz per second. There are a number of resonant fields measured by wave pulses per second. Our brain resonates with a steady 14Hz field per second, as a reliable constant. All the other fields vary greatly and some maybe more harmful than others to ou health. When looking at the breakthrough discoveries of the electrophysicist Professor Konstantin Meyl's discoveries we are faced with the cutting edge of our most modern scientific knowledge today regarding the positive and negative influences of resonant electrodynamic fields. The field carries information which Professor Meyl has used to change the malignancy of cancer cells in conjunction with the Cancer research centre at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. These are the tastes of things to come and are intricately connected to an emerging field of scientific study called Epigenetics. The fields maintain our well-being, health and vitality by resonating with our DNA structures. It was even found that DNA can change in time and the famous DNA sampling to replace the old fashioned fingerprints of criminals has already proven to be unreliable in this respect by the standards of what we know about the nature of DNA via epigentic research.
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Edited: Tue 11th October 2016


Brain-attacks: Part Two

A three part series exclusive to Vortex magazine.

By Joska Ramelow

Dr. Doepp, a Swiss Medical doctor and specialist for radiation pollution, e-smog and hazards of technical electromagnetic fields on safety questions in our digital age. Annotated and expanded notes to his presentation and interview on the private online channel Swiss 5, of Time to do program, 19.9.2014 What strategies of protection from e-smog are available? Do tinfoil hats and Faraday cages hold the answers to alleviate the damaging effects from e-smog? Some people even wear textiles with silver thread for protection woven into its fabric, but to that later in our investigation. Getting to know the facts it is not surprising that some parents are considering taking their children out of school to avoid the e-smog dangers. These in turn are associated with lasting damage to cerebral structures and the development of natural intelligence in their children. Parents, and mothers in particular, may rightfully get worried when looking at their child and see themselves confronted by the question: "what good is a well functioning little robot zombie that perfectly operates consumerist chores programmed into it but cannot independently operate from its own inner core with the intelligence of the heart?" Parents and the rest of us sense there is a sociological time bomb ticking at the root of our evolution and it is ticking ever louder, since many other chemical and physiological processes are dependent on a naturally operating coherent working relationship within the neurological system. The impact of the million times increased electro-magnetic field tensions pounding our biological cellular structure unprotected could be seen as a war against the populace. Changing foodstuffs due to modern agricultural technologies and cosmetic ingredients thrown in for good measure plus changes in our environment such as geo engineering add their bit to destabilize the health of future generations. We have never seen a magnitude of this impact in any other generation before, since it works stealthily and in silence.
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Edited: Tue 11th October 2016


Brain-attacks: Part Three

Final thoughts on the interaction between electromagnetic fields, radiation from nuclear power stations, technical metals in our bodies, interactions with its chemistry and wave spectra.

What are the technical systems and candidates that trigger these challenges?

We have now at least half a dozen systems such as Tetranet, LFT, UMTS, and a more military system known as HAARP and other ever more advanced, over horizon, radar systems. Professor Konstantin Meyl, a very distinguished electro-physicist of the University Klagenfurt, austria, voiced a stern warning that UMTS and cordless DECT technology should immediately be banned so dangerous are they. The key lies in their damaging effects and impacts on our own biological window that is the resonant fields with which our cellular network is activated and communicates with its enzyme functions. One known biological frequency is the 150Megahertz wavelength and its harmonic modulations. Every modern car is now standard fitted with a GPS system that constantly interacts with satellites in space. The signal travels up to the satellite and returns in fractions of seconds. This sets off a constant pulse that could interfere with the workings of our our pineal gland, since that is the master gland embedded in the centre of the cranium which beats out a certain rhythm to which all other functions are atuned. The Pineal gland has been found to be in touch with hyperspace and its electronic charges with its currents of photons.

Edited: Tue 11th October 2016


Space age biology and medicine, the launchpad for

Annotated and expanded notes on the basis of a personal visit by the author and an interview conducted by Prof. Michael Vogt of QuerdenkenTv with Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, the director of Inakarb Wellness Centre near Bonn, Germany. Joska Ramelow, BSc. hons (Phytotherapy) part one First impressions as a memorable day unfolds As my plane from London descended for Cologne airport in the dazzling light of the afternoon sunshine, a sudden flash made me realize the connection I had sitting whilst going though the landing procedures on this craft, it delivered me to a place where the next step in flight and space exploration was already reality, the Inakarb company in Rolandseck. At present,however, the town of Cologne beneath the silver wings with it\'s cathedral tethered to the golden band of the river Rhine like a jewel mysteriously gleaming and shimmering in the sunlight of this late autumn day. My extensive experience of over two decades in the field of energy medicine had helped me to comprehend the ground breaking information that had been revealed in the interview between Prof. Michael Vogt in late September. I felt my inner excitement gradually bubbling more intense as I was still leafing through the 45 pages of notes I had taken from this almost revolutionary interview, which opened up completley new vistas in the practise of medicine as we have come to know it. Thus, I was highly curious to meet up with Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, one of the foremost specialists in regulatory medicine in Western Europe, if not the Western Hemisphere. Download the article as PDF

Tue 9th December 2014


Space Age Biomedicine: Launchpad for a New Paradigm

I was highly curious to meet up with Prof. Dr. Enrico Edinger, one of the foremost specialists in regulatory medicine in Western Europe, if not the Western Hemisphere. This system of therapeutic techniques breaks completely new ground in fusing old doctrines of holistic healing, with straight laced medical science and new insights from extensive research of man travelling into space. The system also includes epigenetics, a new take on genetics as developed by itís Japanese progenitor who mentored three Nobel prize winners in genetics. read on

Tue 9th December 2014


breaking news: Editor free Spirited Health

Since early summer 2014,I have become the editor of the column "free Spirited Health" at Vortex magazine: http://vortexcourage.me/ www.vortexcourage.me@vortexcourage Here you can find many news items, interviews and researched articles on topics covering a range of aspects pertaining to our health in modern times which includes nutrition, lifestyle and the environment.

Wed 15th October 2014


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