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Kanpo Clinic

integrated health advice
and complementary therapy

Aromatherapy Massage:

Aromatherapy is a system of bodywork that combines special therapeutic massage techniques in combination with volatile oils diluted in a carrier oil.
As part of the treatment I work with Swedish, Acupressure, and some Shiatsu techniques, all of which I trained in.
In conjunction with essential oils the therapeutic effect is greatly enhanced as some of the soothing and stress reducing effects of the concentrated plant oils are absorbed through the skin.

This is a sample of areas and types of conditions treatable with aromatherapy:

  • Facials: I combine a new approach including aromatherapy, acupuncture and acupressure as recently seen on television.
  • Muscular spasms and stress related tensions.
  • Problems with low immunity and stress on the respiratory organs.
  • Digestive problems are generally receptive (including gut disharmonies).
  • Liver imbalances and a range of problems in the circulatory system.
  • Menstrual problems (including PMT).
  • Problems with fertility.

The way I work:

The System of Aromatherapy I was trained in incorporates Acupressure in conjunction with blends of essential oils.
I assess the overall balance of the body with special reference to the energetic oriental diagnosis of meridian theory.
Muscular tightness or excessive knottiness often reflects the state of a person's body. The mapping of particular areas of excess or deficient energies indicated by tightness or soreness suggests the blends of oils to be combined during the session to meet the individual's needs.
I include deep tissue massage to enhance lymphatic drainage effects (to drive out toxic residues) and neuro-muscular techniques to revive organ functions when indicated.

A brief look at the therapeutic value of essential oils:

Many plants produce volatile oils in response to environmental stressors such as bacteria, viruses or insects. This natural response by plants activates a protective screen from potentially harmful pathogens or predatory influences.
The human body represents a very complex fabric of interacting organ functions, with each individual inhabiting their own unique fingerprint of the sum total of the functions that maintain life. For centuries now herbal medicine in the east and west has been using the complex signatures of medicinally active plants to ameliorate the effects of ailments as well as nurturing a sense of wellbeing in humans. Essential oils and medicinal herbs act gently with a much wider focus than manmade medicinal substances such as drugs for instance.
For this reason essential oils cannot do the work of medicinal drugs. Since their focus remains wide they are supporting general well being and can for example strengthen the complexities of the energy generating systems and immune systems in the body. (Non-specific)
This is why certain oils such as Eucalyptus or Tea tree offer powerful properties to combat colds, whilst others such as Clary-sage are often useful for states of spasm, fatigue and exhaustion. Aromatic medicine is one of natures' most balanced and perfect answers to our everyday ailments long before they become real dis-eases.

Length of treatment and pricing:

Regular sessions are kept to an hour, however, half an hour taster sessions are also available. Should it be necessary to have more than one treatment per week, in line with my acupuncture offer, a budget could be discussed to address a particular problem requiring more frequent support (eight treatments a month is a typical course of treatment for instance). Home or hotel visits are also possible at standard rates. A course of a few treatments will often bring lasting benefit. However, anybody can almost instantly benefit from this work. It is therefore an ideal gift option too.
Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Joska Ramelow - BSc.Hons IBA Biocybernetics Ass. MRCHM Dipl. Soc.
tel: 020 7221 8420 - NHS Directory Membership: 649 - and at Clinica ET Yokohama