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Kanpo Clinic

integrated health advice
and complementary therapy

Acupuncture Channel Therapy

The most reliable and direct way to initiate a healing response from within. Fast, flexible and uncomplicated to benefit any condition. Can be combined with any other therapeutic module of my system.

"As a Norwegian growing up in the Orient acupuncture was the family's healthcare of choice so I have high expectations and standards! All of which Joska meets and even exceeds! Regular tune-ups with Joska have been a God send and a lifeline through the many changes in my life. He is both professional and intuitive, has remarkable diagnostic skill, healing hands and an ability to hone in on the "key" (the acupuncture points) that help my body to return to balance, calmness, flow and health. " KT-J, investor, yoga teacher, consultant


Kanpo, Japanese Herbal Medicine

One of the fastest growing systems of using nature's best in therapeutic work in modern Japan. A system based on the Chinese herbal tradition. Benefits all ailments that require a carefully tailored individual profile of curative design. Tried and tested in hospital wards and GP surgeries all over Japan. It enhances and boosts acupuncture's direct healing momentum.


Aromatherapy, Bodytone

A versatile system of body work that stretches from simple relaxation to deep healing and nurturing for a vast number of stress related conditions. I use a blend of contemporary and ancient techniques in body work combined with the healing effects of concentrated plant extracts and essential oils to amplify and support the body's own ability to balance and cure itself. It combines well with any of the other modules of my body work program.

"Joska, very effective session yesterday. Thank you." A.S. Business consultant, Wanstead

Joska Ramelow - BSc.Hons IBA Biocybernetics Ass. MRCHM Dipl. Soc.
tel: 020 7221 8420 - NHS Directory Membership: 649 - and at Clinica ET Yokohama